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M&W Christmas eSports Tournament

Tournament Bases

Registration for the tournament will be free of charge.


Must meet the following conditions to participate:


Download the game M&W Football.


Set up your user Account in the game.


You win the Tournament by accumulating points for each win scored against other Managers.


The winner of the tournament will be the leader of the 'Managers World Ranking' at 00:00GMT+1 on day 24-12-2019.


The competition will start on 29-11-2019 and end at 00:00 GMT+1 on the 24-12-2019.


That's the period during which Managers will be able to compete and accumulate points for reach the top world ranking Manager .


The following points will be added to the Points of Managers' World Ranking:


+10 points: for following our INSTAGRAM account


+10 points: by following our Twitter account


+10 points: by following our Youtube channel


+5 points: by retweeting the informative tweet of this tournament set at the start of our Tweeter account.


+5 points for spreading the turner's post on our Instagram account.


So if a user performs all of the above actions, they can accumulate a total of 40 additional points more that their score reflects in the world ranking.


The Manager's real-time clasification in the Managers' World Ranking can be viewed via the enabled button at the bottom right of the game's home screen.


By participating in this tournament you agree to our privacy and data processing policy. If you win the tournament, you agree to provide the personal data necessary to manage the award delivery.